Our Company Royal Group

Royal Group for Trading and Industrial Development is a leading French pastry and restaurant chain offering a wide range of high quality pastry, confectionary and bakery products, in addition to serving top quality gourmet French and creative cuisine food and providing catering services through a chain of 3 retail stores and 2 restaurants.
Royal Group was established in 1997 by Engineer Ahmed Eissa, creator and founder of the ionic French concept Le Carnaval". He graduated in 1984 with a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering from AM Shams University. Upon his graduation, Engineer Eissa started handling the family business, Tseppas, one of the most prominent pastry chains in Egypt since 1912. He then decided to take the family business to the next level by establishing Le Carnaval, which transformed the pastry scene in Egypt and created an iconic concept that was soon emulated by many.

Our Human Resources Strategy

Ongoing development to our human capital with the aim to be the employer of choice

Our Human Capital
Because we do believe that our human capital are our greatest asset. we are always aiming to attract and retain high caliberrs. We understand that our human assets who work in direct contact with our customers and who work behind the scenes are those who pave the way to make our continuous success possible. Therefore, Royal Group assigned a management consultancy firm to ensure that our people are engaged with our vision, mission and values. And to provide them with ongoing training, devdopment and mraching with the aim to continuously improve their performance and working side hr side to guarantee that our products and services will exceed our customer experkations. We totally understand that working together with our human capital will create a unique roadmap to our future.