Le Carnaval in a Nutshell


Le Carnaval is an authentic French pastry and restaurant chain. Our panache is inspired by the renaissance age of France; Royalty is our story. Walk into Le Carnaval as if you are a king in our Palace; from the antiques to the products. Your eyes will admire what you see in Le Carnaval.

It all started when we decided to bring part from the typical Paris into the heart of Cairo; one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. Our goal was to set a new standard for people’s perception of pastries and French cuisine in Egypt. In all conscience, we aimed to surpass quality, taste, and freshness in all our products; this was the promise we made to ourselves. We explored worldwide for the finest quality raw materials, top MOF chefs in France and we gave it a blast. The pledge of our newly introduced products to our clients was the best witness to our success. Feedback from our clients gave us the confidence and the strong will to continue on our journey.

Because we are obsessed with quality, we find expertise in every field. We strive not only for product excellence, but also for the exquisiteness of decoration and design of our stores. With the proficiency and professionalism of the Italians in furnishing and design, we were able to astonish every client with our extravagant and amazing stores decorations. Thanks to Bocchini Company.