Everlasting Treasure

the chimney made of marble , decorated of bronze ornaments , adorned of two speccular statues comin ta g from Paris
makes you feel the splendor and magnificence ot the 18th centuries 

Behind the piano, you can find an old made of yellow bronze, and gilded with pure and fine gold, reminding us of the french opulence of the Louis XIV century.


the piano "a queue"... of hundred years old, all hand painted, made of rose wood, coming from the country of Beethoven, offers his generous lines and classic sound for the pleasure of our eyes and ears.

what more than a goblin to rich the contentment of your senses and gives to Le Palais ,
the pompous and imperial reflection that deserve to be offered !?



you can admire this console coming directly from the King of the sun's Palace, Versailles, in front of a huge and massive mirror made of golden wood. Could you imagine the feeling of being watched over. from 2,62 meters, with their open hand turned to the sun or perhaps... God.

To complete and perfect the sumptuousness and magnificence of the place, angels are posing, smiling, offering sweetmeats and fruits, playing and singing joy, kindness and insouciance. Leave yourself to beauty, benevolence and compassion and pierce the secret of the world of

Rare antique treasures live on Le Carnaval, retaining all their grandeur although they date back to more than a century ago. Their beauty has been preserved through the ages, glowing even more strongly in Le Carnaval.