Le Carnaval Newsletter

Le Carnaval was first established in the year 1998 and has been the benchmark of the creation of pastry in the Egyptian market ever since. As Le Carnaval aims to always stay a few steps ahead, we always bring you the most up to date trends from all around the world, not only in terms of products, but also in terms of interior design. We always work on renovating the concept as well, in order to provide you with the best quality and top-notch service. We have been working on a development plan over the past few years, but due to the unstable conditions of the country, we had to postpone the execution of this plan. Now that the country is gaining back its stability, we have decided to go ahead and introduce our plan to you and begin to implement the very first steps of it.

Our new branch (37 el hegazst.Mohandesin) has been ready to open since 2011, but as you know, this wasn’t a good time to introduce our new branch to the market. Three years later, however, in the year 2014, the soft opening of the new branch took place. We are planning to have the grand opening of the showroom and restaurant within the next month, so make sure you stay tuned for that! Not only is the showroom an impressive part of Paris, but we promise the restaurant will provide you with the perfect Parisian dining experience.

Our very first branch in Dokki has been open now for 17 years so now is the time to renovate! The renovation of the branch will start at the end of March and we will reopen by the end of April. Therefore, we’d be more than happy to serve our Dokki clients through the soft opening of the new branch (37 el hegazst.Mohandesin).

Our plan for the end of  2015, is to open a branch in 6th of October city and another branch in New cairo. This way, we’ll be able to serve the whole city of Cairo more conveniently.

The big challenge is that Le Carnaval is going international! We are planning on taking our brand all the way to United Arab Emirates , Saudi Arabia , Kuwait  and Paris within the next two years. We’ll just make sure we cover Cairo first to make our beloved Egyptian customers happy, and then begin executing our plan in terms of taking our brand abroad by ourselves !