why am I writing those pages?

Honestly, I don't know. Is it a state of my past?
Is it a fantasy...? Frankly, I'm not sure if the first one is different than the second, because I think... my memory is a fantasy. Perhaps. sometimes, my memory disappoints me by hiding part of the past: nevertheless, I always believe that this memory is telling me the truth.
'Who am I to talk like this? I admit I don't know the answer. Sometimes, I suspect myself to be a part of that fading memory, just a fantasy! Here I am. in 48 Michel Bakhoum Street, at Le Carnaval. I feel I have always been a part of this place. Le Carnaval has been founded since 1999; I was there to witness everything and from me, you will know all the facts, the dreams, the stories and the memories beyond the place.

I cannot ask you to believe me because who can grant credibility to someone whom we don't know or even sure if he really exist?! I will leave it to your taste. To be precise, what I mean by "taste" is obvious. It is what Francois-Rene de Chateaubriand describes as "the good sense of spirit" or what Monsieur de Lautreamont explains as "the fundamental quality surrounds all other qualifies". When I talk about taste I don't want the word to be mixed with the word czreediness, on the contrary, according to Alphonse Daudet's definition "the taste starts when we are no longer hungry" and that's what I would like to believe.

As a witness of the opening of the first Boutique for French pastries and Salon de The, in Mohandessine, I can say that this was an exceptional event for the Egyptian society.

And since then, a whole stream of fineness, beauty, delicacy, distinction and pleasure becomes the place's vision and sensation of elegance.

And for their special guest, they created the second star, in Heliopolis area.

Le Carnaval Heliopolis is a place worthy of your visit and of being a part of your life, as much as you are all, a part of its existence.

Back to where we started. Why those pages? I think now I know ... it is a confession ... of what? A bit of patience, please...