480 g. sugar
280 g. almond powder
7 white eggs
Few drops of colorant
according to the flavor required
Mix the powder of almond and the sugar together to obtain a slim powder.
Sieve it. Beat the eggs white; add the colorant without stopping beating, Then, incorporate quickly with a wood spoon the mixture sugar/almonds, to obtain a homogeneous blend.

You should obtain a smooth and homogeneous texture. With a poach of one centimeter of diameter, dress small macarons of three centimeters on a silicon paper.

Cook in oven during eight to nine minutes at 180°C, leaving the door of the oven a little bit open.

Take out the macarons then, with a glass of water, let a few water to go between the silicon paper and the plaque of the oven, although lifting up the paper delicately.

The humidity and steam produced by the water and the hot plaque will permit to stick off the macarons more easily, when they will be cold.

Advices & Craftiness
Let rest 24 hours in the freezer.
It happen during this time, an osmoses between all the components of the macaron that develop and affine the taste as well as the texture.